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This animated tutorial needs it.

Useful to indicate:
Chorus, verse, solo, etc.

Shown in progress gauge,
with a 3 bars pre-count.

Karaoke are made of these.
Useful for tweaking lyrics.

Used for copyright and such.

Some non-standard karaokes
are built with these.

Start of song

Skips unwanted intro,
without actually cutting it.

End of song

Skips unwanted ending,
without actually cutting it.

Defines a numbered
jump point — 1 to 9.

During playback, jump there
by pressing 1 to 9.

Playback will auto-pause
upon reaching this.

Useful for interacting with crowd,
unbacked solo, etc.

No more «click» to follow!

Upon reaching a PAUSE, playback
resumes at that same position.

To restart farther, insert UNPAUSE
where you want to restart.

Ex. PAUSE at bar 17, UNPAUSE at 21.

Useful for variable length solos,
drum-machine-like backing, etc.

The loop state can be changed
with the pedal or the SHIFT key.

A song can contain multiple loops.

The default state of the loop
is defined in the LOOP END.

During playback, toggle it
with the pedal or SHIFT.